The Foundation may distribute grants and bursaries to the Anglican Church’s local congregations or other organisations which advance the Foundation’s purpose.

Criteria and examples for grants:

  1. Activities that promote and advance Anglican worship and ministry in Finland.
  2. Activities that encourage people to learn more about Anglican worship and ministry in Finland.
  3. Activities that encourage people to become more involved in the Anglican Church and ministry in Finland.
  4. Activities that bring together people from different cultural backgrounds promoting the Anglican Church and good will in the community.


  1. Clearly show how the grant will advance Anglican worship and ministry in Finland.
  2. Have the capability to deliver the project in the agreed timescale and parameters of the funding.
  3. Have a bank account.
  4. You must be currently involved in the community you propose to work with in your application.

Process and size of grants:

  1. Applicants must complete a current application form.
  2. We have 8500€ worth of grants to award each year.
  3. There is no set grant award, but please keep in mind we may be funding multiple projects when making an application.

Awarding of grants:

The Board members of the Anglican Church Foundation meet four times a year to consider applications.

Monitoring and acknowledgments:

  1. Successful applicants will be required to complete a monitoring form. This report will include:
  2. A financial report of all monies spent.
  3. Details of the project as described in the application form i.e. number of people attending, times, dates.
  4. Details of the success/failure of the project.
  5. Recommendations for future similar projects.

We would also be interested in any photographs and promotional material used.

These may be used on our website and other forms of promotional media.

Successful applicants will be informed by email. Thank you for your interest in the St Nicholas Foundation. We look forward to receiving your completed application